mcstatus.io was created as a utility for people to check the status of a Minecraft server for any purpose. This service also doubles as an API for developers to programmatically check the status of servers. The design of the website was heavily inspired by the simplicity of mcsrvstat.us. The website is built using NextJS and the back-end was built with Go. This site uses clean advertising from Carbon Ads to help cover the hosting and development costs.


  1. How do I check the status of a server?

    Simply paste the address of the server into the address box on the home page. The address is in the form of host:port but the port is optional and defaults to 25565.

  2. What is an SRV record?

    An SRV record is created by the server host to "redirect" users to another IP address, typically to allow users to connect to the memorable host name instead of a string of a bunch of numbers. This service automatically resolves all SRV records and obtains the status of the server behind them.

  3. How do I hide the status of my server?

    Status is enabled by default in the server.properties file of your server. In order to disable them, set the enable-status property to false. Please note that this will also prevent actual Minecraft clients from seeing your MOTD in the in-game multiplayer menu. There is no "workaround" from preventing status libraries/services from retrieving it and still allowing in-game clients to view them.

  4. Does this service use query?

    Query is currently not supported in our API due to limitations with malformed addresses and hanging issues. This will eventually be resolved and query will be implemented sometime in the future.


If you wish to contact us, please do so using [email protected]. We accept any sort of feedback on our service including bug reports, feature suggestions, questions about usage, etc.